Where have all the Great Lakes memebers gone. It has been almost a whole month and no new post on this site.

So here is some updates from my neck of the woods
We had a good weekend at Kankakee Got to see some old friends and make few new friends
I have some good stories to tell about the weekend as well ;D
Turkey season (the two days I went was terrible)
Have had some good training days and the water levels at a couple of the places is really good right now.
Looking forward to our Hunt Test, speaking of which trying to get Jimmy Gretzinger from Michigan out of doors to show up on Saturday.
Working the realy job way too much.
The girls are playing softball between the two, they either have practice or games 4 nights out of the week( That cuts into training time a little0
Abby did some great work at the begining of the month up a Tail a Waggin "veterans" hunt she hunted like an old pro, but afterwards you could tell her age.
Oh also with work I have been working way too many weekends
That pretty much sums up things since our upland pretty sad that in can be done in less than 1000 characters is it not