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Thread: Great upland test!!!

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    Great upland test!!!

    Great Lakes put on a very nice upland test this weekend....thank you to all....judges, gunners, bird planters, marshalls, grounds, lunch, birds, weather....all was wonderful!!! It couldn't have been better!
    And thank you to Wendy and Chad and all of the wonderful help! It ran great!
    P.S. I was worried, Rhino was a little too steady by the end of the we ran him on birds after the test....luckily he still chases, he is not ruined

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    Re: Great upland test!!!

    Boy, I'll say! What a great weekend! When all was said and done, we had more than 80 entries out of a possible 100 and we even were done by 1:30PM on Sunday! I can't say enough thanks to all of the members who pitched in to plant birds, shoot birds, cook, marshall, and run general errands, either! What a crew! I have to mention that we had a few folks who were attending their first events as members who just jumped right in and worked like crazy. I sure do appreciate everyone's willingness to help make this a first class event.

    We received tons of thanks and accolades from the judges for taking good care of them, keeping dogs running, and putting on a quality test.

    Wake me up early, be good to my dogs, and teach my children to pray!
    ---John Anderson, Black Sheep

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