Just a heads up for you if you know anyone that lives in or around Saginaw

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Dog owners in and around Saginaw Michigan MUST get involved to stop Breed Specific Legislation that would restrict GSDs, Rottweilers, Dobermans and 7 other breeds. If these restrictions pass then it will probably escalate just as it has elsewhere, and owners of these breeds may face additional restrictions such as cancellation of their homeowners insurance. And if it passes it is very likely to spread elsewhere.

These restrictions should be opposed in their entirety, no compromise.

A Saginaw city council member is falsely claiming that the CDC has a list of the 10 most statistically dangerous breeds and is using that as an excuse for these restrictions.

Not true. The CDC has no such list. The CDC published this study years ago about fatal dog attacks.


This study has been misused so many times by legislators to get BSL passed that the CDC published a disclaimer refuting the use of it for that purpose:

"A CDC study on fatal dog bites lists the breeds involved in fatal attacks over 20 years (Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 1979 and 1998). It does not identify specific breeds that are most likely to bite or kill, and thus is not appropriate for policy-making decisions related to the topic. ... There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill."

http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreation...-factsheet.htm l


Saginaw may restrict ten breeds of dogs

Saginaw's City Council is considering an ordinance restricting "dangerous" dogs.

It would restrict the ten most statistically dangerous dogs according to the CDC, including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, Great Danes, St. Bernard's, and Presa Canarios.

"Every year there are about a dozen people killed across the country, often by these breeds..."¯ said City councilman Dan Fitzpatrick.

He says his dog Otis is part German shepherd and would be restricted under the ordinance. He says he realizes not all dogs of these breeds are dangerous, but says statistically certain breeds are more dangerous. He also says the point of the ordinance is to influence dog owners to be more responsible.

Under the proposal owners of dangerous dogs would have to pay a $50 registration fee. The city would then provide them with a sign warning they have such a dog. That sign would have to be placed on their property. It would be a violation of the ordinance to walk a "dangerous" dog without a muzzle.

"Owners need to be responsible, and we're going to help them to be..."¯ says Fitzpatrick.

He says he has received numerous calls from unhappy dog owners. Many fear the city will ban their dog. He says that is not part of the plan. Violating the ordinance would mean a $100 fine for the first offense.

The city council is also looking at an ordinance limiting the number of dogs a resident can have to three. Violating this ordinance would result in a $50 fine for the first offense.

"This isn't just about protecting people, it is about protecting dogs..."¯ says Fitzpatrick.

He says the city has had an issue with dog fighting and these ordinances could prevent that from happening.

City council is expected to look at the ordinance as soon as next month. If approved, it could go into effect as soon as this April.