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    Question Logging In

    Several HRC members have contacted me about not being able to log into this board. Is there a way something can be posted here that will help them know who to contact when they are having problems and guide them through the process. They say the board is not very user friendly.

    We had many more members on the old board. Maybe they will come back if they have some guidance.

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    If someone is having difficulty logging into the message board they are always encouraged to send an email to either our National Secretary, Patty Munson, using the email and failing that please feel free to contact me in my role as Moderator, Brian Skibicki, using the email

    Contrary to the previous posters comments there as been an overwhelming number of people who have contacted Patty Munson our National Secretary, and me personally stating that the new look and feel of the HRC Message Board is a huge improvement over the past versions. We can all thank our current elected Executive Committee for their support of this initiative and other work to bring the HRC up to date using current technology to improve our processes. Thanks Mike Witt, Kevin Bearden, Patty Munson, and Diane Peacock for all that you are doing to make this a dynamic forward thinking organization.

    Any time a member requests support I do my level best to reach out to them and fix whatever issue that is either preventing them from logging on, or making posts. I would ask that our fellow HRC members understand that this is a volunteer position and sometimes it may not be possible to contact you with problems surrounding access to the site until after my every day work hours.

    Thank you for participating in HRC. Our rules are pretty straight forward on this Message Board. Be a member in good standing of the Hunting Retriever Club. Always use your real name. Always be respectful to other members regardless of any personal differences of opinion. No personal attacks are permitted at any time. Understand that posting on this Message Board is privilege, not a right, and that failure to adhere to the rules will result in loss of privileges to post. We are a growing community of hunters and dog lovers so welcome to the HRC Message Board!
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